Welcome – The Boutique, your wedding market place!


We have been working hard these past few months to create a long awaited dream, The Boutique by Isabella Weddings. A place to buy, hire and sell everything you need for your wedding.

Over the. years working as a wedding planner I have come across many wonderfully talented small/medium sized businesses, those that have a passion to provide a special touch or a bespoke, unique item that is to be treasured forever or to add that special something to a beautiful wedding venue. I have admired these talented artists and have long wanted a place for them to be able to promote their talents to a much wider audience.

(Image by Tiny Silver)

As a working mum I feel very passionately about being able to carve a place for myself within a competitive industry where there is no shortage of clever and willing competitors. It isn’t easy working with a small family but I love what I do and manage the juggle well, same can be said for lots of working mums and dads, or new and fledgling businesses who love what they do and make it work for them. Every sale they make goes directly to their family rather than a huge corporation, this makes me feel so much better about spending my money so I try to always buy through small businesses, where I know my order is truly welcomed and cherished.

(Image by Hugs and Hearts)

So with this as my driver I set about to open up a wedding marketplace and offer these small shops a place to advertise and offer their products and services to a wider wedding based audience, we support them throughout the process and hope to grow as a family over the coming months and years.

The Boutique is now open and I’d love you to take a peek – it has many changes on the way and will of course grow over the next few weeks and months, but thoughts and feedback at any stage is always welcomed.

(Image by Fingerprint Designs)

The Boutique can be found at www.isabellaweddingsboutique.com and as mentioned there are lots of updates happening to this and our own wedding planning website in Hampshire http://www.isabellaweddings.co.uk

If you have any questions or comments we would love to hear from you, please email us anytime at enquiries@isabellaweddings.co.uk
Bye for now
Marie x



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