Broken toes – the latest from Whiteparish

This last week we have been tidying up loose ends for our Whiteparish wedding with Lindsay and Chris, the house renovation has been moving ahead slowly but hopefully still in the right direction!


The unfortunate news this week is that our blushing bride has broken a toe!! So her role as project manager has been hampered some what …. We hope she’s recovered in time to pop those gorgeous bridal shoes on in a few weeks.

Some of the items we’ve been researching for their decorations are ….

Image from Shropshire petals

We love these lightbulb tree lights …


Plus some pretty pew ends …


Lots of pretty, elegant vintage style ..


Some favour ideas that could suit this theme …. The jury’s is still out thought as there are so many lovely ideas ….





This Wednesday we finalise our menu with the caterers and then we can begin to shape the table plan and decorations, the excitement is building – we just hope the house is finished!

See you all soon
Marie x


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