7 weeks to go!

Back in 2011, Lindsay and Chris brought this amazing old school house in Wiltshire, with a view to turning it into a gorgeous family home and also the venue for their wedding this March. We joined them last Summer to help them with their wedding plans and have really enjoyed seeing the wedding and of course the house take shape.

We thought you might like to come on this journey with us! With just 7 weeks to go we shall keep you updated as to the progress of the final building work and as the weather throws them off course will the plans all come together in time??

The house in 2011

Building work begins!

The wedding will be taking place in a marquee in the gardens, a road has had to be built for this to happen and drainage installed – no easy task!



As the months have gone by we have together planned the most wonderful wedding, all the time Lindsay is doubling up as project manager whilst Chris runs his business as well as supervising the entire building project. They will be glad to get to March for a rest!

The back of the house goes up to double the size of the original building.

The back wall goes up



Planning a wedding can be time consuming and stressful at the best of times, can you imagine having to deal with all of this building work at the same time 😦

The snow hasn’t helped these past two weeks!


So in just 7 weeks this will all be a luxurious home ready to welcome 100 or so guests ….. Eeek!

The house this week ..

The kitchen – where guests will take their reception drinks

The back room to lead guests out on to the lawn and patio areas

Entrance hall

So as you can see Lindsay and Chris have a challenge …. 🙂

I’m off to find Nick Knowles number (!) DIY SOS??! Nah not panic stations yet!

See you next week for the latest developments, meanwhile get your tools ready and listen out for the call from us 🙂

Marie xx


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